Everything You Need to Learn About Ocean Freight

You need to find the best Ocean Freight Shipping so your shipment arrives safely and securely. You should be able to customize the shipping service you choose to meet your specific needs. You should look for those who have been in the shipping business for a while. These shipping companies not only provide quality services but also guarantee compliance with the bill of lading. Shipping freight overseas is not easy. You need to be aware that there are many documents involved.

Three important documents for ocean freight are the commercial invoice, export declaration and bill of lading. These documents can cause delays in international shipping if they are not provided. A seller should be able find an international shipper that is reliable and trustworthy. Multiple carriers and transport modes are required to move large quantities and high volumes of product to any destination. Ocean freight forwarders ensure that all modes of transport are coordinated so that freight can reach its destination in a given time frame. The most basic services provided by ocean freight companies include:

Roll-on and Roll-off (Ro Ro) – These services can be used to transport passenger vehicles, as well as for haulage.

Container Freight- These containers can be either standard 20 or 40 foot containers. Containers can be used for transporting everything from household goods to commercial cargo. Some containers can be used to transport vehicles abroad.

Tanker Freight – These are used to transport cargo that is liquid or gaseous, such as gasoline, CNG, bulk fluids, etc.

General Cargo Freight – Loose cargo is typically shipped via general cargo freight services.

Bulk Carrier Freight-This type of service is used to transport bulk volumes and single commodity loads, which could include ores, coal, or grain.